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Gated imaging using an adaptive depth of field
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1. A method of imaging a scene in real time from a moving platform comprising:
obtaining boundary conditions associated with preliminary depth of field (DOF) parameters in a scene, the boundary conditions including platform velocity;
illuminating the scene, using a light source, with a pulsed light beam, based on the boundary conditions, by controlling light source parameters;
controlling sensor array parameters based on the boundary conditions;
capturing, using the sensor array, one or more images of the scene, wherein the capturing is based on one or more exposures synchronized with the pulsed light beam, to achieve one or more gated images of the scene in accordance with the boundary conditions associated with the DOF parameters;
analyzing at least one of the captured images, using data processing algorithms, to yield updated DOF parameters; and
repeating the obtaining, the illuminating, the controlling, and the capturing with at least one of: updated sensor array parameters and updated light source parameters, based on the updated DOF parameters and updated boundary conditions.