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Radar signal generator
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18. A transmit signal generator for a marine radar, the transmit signal generator comprising:
first circuitry configured to generate a first signal at a first frequency that is less than an antenna transmission frequency;
second circuitry configured to receive the first signal and generate a transmit signal at the antenna transmission frequency based on the first signal using phase-lock-loop (PLL) circuitry; and
third circuitry configured to shape an amplitude of the generated transmit signal at the antenna transmission frequency prior to transmitting by:
splitting each of the one or more transmit signals into at least a first split signal and a second split signal;
providing a first phase shift of each first split signal;
providing a second phase shift of each second split signal; and
combining each of the first phase shifted split signals and the second phase shifted split signals to provide one or more output signals corresponding to the one or more transmit signals.