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Magnetic field measuring device with vibration compensation
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1. A magnetic-field measurement device comprising
a holding body (1) and
a plurality of magnetoelectric bending-beam sensors (2, 2′, 2″) individually designed for outputting respectively one electric voltage signal while deflecting in the presence of a magnetic field, the bending-beam sensors being bonded to the holding body by force closure or adhesively/cohesively, wherein
a. the bending-beam sensors (2, 2′, 2″) are arranged with parallel-extending long axes for the detection of the magnetic field, and wherein
b. the magnetic-field measurement device is excitable to a mechanical oscillation when the magnetic field is a temporally periodic magnetic field, wherein it
c. develops in such a way that the magnetic-field measurement device exhibits at least one force node (F) on which at no time a resulting force acts that is caused by the oscillation,
d. the magnetic-field measurement device outputs a linear combination of the voltage signals of the bending-beam sensors, and
e. the introductions of vibrations into the entire arrangement by air-borne or structure-borne noise generate disturbance signals in all bending beams that cancel each other out as a result of a linear combination of all output voltages of the bending beams.