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Magnetic sensor
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1. A magnetic sensor, comprising:
a magnetoelectric transducing element having first and second drive electrodes, and first and second output electrodes;
a constant current circuit which supplies a drive current to the first drive electrode of the magnetoelectric transducing element;
a signal processing circuit which is connected with the first and second output electrodes of the magnetoelectric transducing element and which processes an output signal of the magnetoelectric transducing element;
a reference current circuit which generates a reference current and supplies an I/V-converted bias voltage to the signal processing circuit; and
shunt electrically connected in parallel with the reference current circuit,
said reference current circuit and said shunt are configured as a parallel circuit having a positive-side power supply electrode connected to the second drive electrode of the magnetoelectric transducing element and being electrically connected in series with the constant current circuit and the magnetoelectric transducing element, and
said signal processing circuit being driven by a voltage source.