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Arc-fault and ground fault interrupter using a single ground fault sensor and single ADC
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1. A method of performing arc-fault sampling, ground-fault sampling, and grounded-neutral fault sampling in a circuit breaker device, comprising:
performing the arc-fault sampling during a plurality of arc-fault sampling periods, the arc-fault sampling periods occurring at regular intervals and each arc-fault sampling period lasting a fixed duration that is shorter than the time in between consecutive arc-fault sampling periods;
monitoring for an occurrence of a predefined event in the circuit breaker device, the predefined event being timed to occur coincident with one of the plurality of arc-fault sampling periods; and
performing the grounded-neutral fault sampling near the occurrence of the predefined event such that the grounded-neutral fault sampling is performed between said one of the plurality of arc-fault sampling periods and an immediately adjacent arc-fault sampling period;
wherein the arc-fault sampling, ground-fault sampling, and the grounded-neutral fault sampling are performed during a common detection interval.