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Gating tap register control bus and auxiliary/wrapper test bus
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1. An integrated circuit comprising:
A. a TDI lead, a TDO lead, a TMS lead, and a TCK lead;
B. a test access port controller having inputs connected to the TMS and TCK leads and having a ClockDR output, a ShiftDR output, and an UpdateDR output;
C. instruction register circuitry having a Mode-1 output and an ATC enable output, the instruction register circuitry including a first gate with a ClockDR input connected to the ClockDR output and a Clock-1 output, and a second gate with a gated UpdateDR input and an Update-1 output;
D. data register circuitry having a TDI input connected to the TDI lead, a TDO output selectively coupled to the TDO lead, a Mode-1 input connected to the Mode-1 output, a Clock-1 input connected to the Clock-1 output, a Shift-1 input, and an Update-1 input connected to the Update-1 output; and
E. ATC gating circuitry having an ATC enable input connected to the ATC enable output, a ShiftDR input connected to the ShiftDR output, a Capture input, a Shift-1 output connected to the Shift-1 input, an UpdateDR input connected to the UpdateDR output, an Update input, and a gated UpdateDR output connected to the gated UpdateDR input.