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Thermionic valve tester
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1. A thermionic valve tester comprising:
at least one valve socket having a plurality of valve electrode terminals adapted for connection with the electrodes of a thermionic valve;
a single power supply terminal adapted for connection to an external low-voltage DC power supply for receiving low-voltage DC power therefrom and providing the sole source of power to the valve tester;
a first voltage regulator having a switchable connection with at least one valve electrode terminal of the valve socket, the voltage regulator being adapted to supply at least two different predetermined valve electrode voltages;
a controller for controlling connection of the first voltage regulator with at least one of the valve electrode terminals and for monitoring current flow in a thermionic valve mounted in the valve socket; and
a display in communication with the controller for displaying the test results for a thermionic valve; and
the controller is adapted to calculate a condition value and to cause the condition value to be displayed by the display, the condition value being based upon the performance of a valve in response to one or more tests, the condition value being calculated to be representative of a condition of the valve to operate to an expected performance ability for a type of valve being tested, and the condition value being representative of the valve having the calculated condition value that matches a condition value of a second valve, wherein the second valve is a same type as the valve being tested and from which the condition value was calculated,
wherein the display is adapted for displaying the calculated condition value in addition to the test results.