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Dual gap current sensor for multi phase conduction system
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1. A power supply system comprising:
at least two output conductors, the output conductors defining substantially parallel longitudinal axes which in turn define a plane;
a current sensor positioned around a first conductor of the at least two output conductors and comprising:
a central aperture through which the first conductor extends,
a first magnetic field detector, and
a second magnetic field detector,
wherein the first and second magnetic field detectors are positioned on opposite sides of the plane defined by the longitudinal axes of the at least two output conductors; and
a fault detector configured to:
receive a first signal generated by the first magnetic field detector and a second signal generated by the second magnetic field detector,
compare the first signal to the second signal to determine whether the first signal is equal to the second signal, and
in response to determining that the first and second signals are not equal, output a fault indication.