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Method of making a current sensor and current sensor
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11. A current sensor, comprising
a plastic housing,
current terminal leads and sensor terminal leads protruding out of the housing,
a current conductor portion through which a current to be measured flows, the current conductor portion integrally coupled to the current terminal leads and packaged in the housing,
the current conductor portion is formed with two sections which are arranged in such a way that the current to be measured flows in the two sections in directions which are oriented obliquely or oppositely with respect to each other, and
the current conductor portion is in a position which is lowered with respect to the sensor terminal leads,
an isolator is mounted on the current conductor portion,
a semiconductor chip is mounted on the isolator, the semiconductor chip having a thickness of at least 0.2 mm and comprising
four Hall sensors, each Hall sensor integrated at an active surface of the semiconductor chip and providing a Hall output signal,
magnetic field concentrators arranged on the active surface of the semiconductor chip, and
electronic circuitry integrated at the active surface to operate the Hall sensors and to process the Hall output signals of the Hall sensors in order to provide a current sensor output signal which is proportional to the current flowing through the current conductor portion, wherein two of the Hall sensors and one or more of the magnetic field concentrators form a first magnetic field sensor and wherein the other two of the Hall sensors and one or more others of the magnetic field concentrators form a second magnetic field sensor, and
wire bonds connecting the semiconductor chip and the sensor terminal leads, wherein a back surface of the semiconductor chip which is opposite to the active surface faces the isolator.