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Breath test simulator with headspace fan and method
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1. A breath test simulator for supplying breath test vapor to a breath test instrument to be calibrated, the simulator comprising; a jar; a housing on the top of the jar, the housing including a metal lid overlying the top of the jar; an ethyl alcohol/water solution in the bottom of the jar; a baffle plate above the alcohol/water solution; a headspace between the baffle plate and the lid; ethyl alcohol/water vapor in the headspace; a heater in the top housing to flow heat to the lid; an air inlet port in the top housing; an air inlet tube extending from the air inlet port into the alcohol/water solution in the jar to flow air into the solution; an outlet port on the top housing and a passage extending from an opening in the lid at the headspace to the outlet port; a solution stirrer in the alcohol/water solution in the bottom of the jar; a motor on the top housing, a vapor fan in the headspace, and a rotary operative connection between the motor and the fan; wherein the heater heats the metal lid at the top of the headspace and the motor rotates the fan in the headspace to circulate the vapor in the headspace against the lid, the lid heats the vapor and the vapor heats the top of the jar at the headspace to an operating temperature.