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Nanogap electronic detector for measuring properties of a biomolecule stretched in a nanochannel, and method thereof
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1. A method for measuring a property of a biomolecule in the solution, comprising:
drawing the solution that contains a biomolecule into a nanofluidic channel that has a nanogap detector positioned inside or adjacent to the nanofluidic channel, wherein the nanofluidic channel having a geometry with a width, a height and a length that confines and stretches the biomolecule within the channel and wherein the nanogap detector comprises two electrodes separated by a gap that is equal to or less than 20 nm;
passing the biomolecule through the gap of the nanogap detector; and
measuring an electrical output from the nanogap detector responsive to the passing of the biomolecule through said gap, wherein the output is a representative of a property of the biomolecule;
wherein the biomolecule is selected from the group consisting of DNAs, other nucleic acids, and any combination thereof.