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Apparatus for, system for and methods of maintaining sensor accuracy
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1. An apparatus for maintaining accuracy in the measurement of a parameter of industrial water, the apparatus comprising:
a body having a top portion, a bottom portion, an entry portion, and an exit portion;
at least one sensor aperture formed into the top portion and extending partially through the body toward the bottom portion, the at least one sensor aperture configured to accept at least one sensor for measuring the parameter of industrial water;
a liquid flow bore formed through the body between the entry portion and the exit portion, the liquid flow bore fluidly communicating with the at least one sensor aperture and configured to allow a liquid stream to flow through the body;
a gas flow bore formed at least partially through the body, the gas flow bore configured to allow a gaseous stream to flow into the body; and
at least one jet channel formed in the body and fluidly connecting the gas flow bore and the liquid flow bore, the at least one jet channel terminating in the liquid flow bore substantially opposite the at least one sensor aperture so as to direct the gaseous stream from the gas flow bore into the liquid flow bore toward the at least one sensor aperture;
wherein the liquid flow bore has an ingress portion adjacent the entry portion of the body, an egress portion adjacent the exit portion of the body, and a narrowed portion between the ingress portion and the egress portion, and wherein a diameter of the narrowed portion is smaller than a diameter of the ingress portion and diameter of the egress portion.