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Device and method for nondestructive inspection of tubular products, especially on site
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1. A device for inspection of tubular pieces, comprising:
at least one cart including:
a plurality of elemental transducers of electroacoustic type, distributed along at least a first direction; and
a guide configured to cooperate with an exterior surface of a tubular piece being inspected to position the cart such that the first direction essentially corresponds to a direction transverse to the tubular piece;
a control electronics, connected to the electroacoustic transducers;
wherein the control electronics comprises:
a memory storing one or more timed excitation laws;
one or more controllers configured to apply in succession at least one respective timed excitation law to subsets of mutually adjacent elemental transducers along the first direction; and
wherein at least certain of the timed excitation laws are designed so that the elemental transducers of the respective subsets jointly produce incident beams of ultrasonic waves propagating along respective directions inclined relative to a direction normal to the exterior surface of the tubular piece.