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Fuel property measuring device
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1. A measuring device configured to measure a property of fuel supplied from a fuel tank to outside of the fuel tank, the measuring device comprising:
a fuel pump configured to suck the fuel in the fuel tank and deliver the sucked fuel;
a fuel supply pipe configured to supply the fuel delivered by the fuel pump to the outside of the fuel tank;
a fuel-measuring storage chamber comprising an outlet port communicating an inside of the fuel tank and an inside of the fuel-measuring storage chamber, and configured to store the fuel delivered from the fuel pump and to return the fuel to an inside of the fuel tank, wherein low-pressure fuel that is open to the atmosphere is introduced into the fuel-measuring storage chamber;
a first fuel pipe being different from the fuel supply pipe, connected between the fuel pump and the fuel-measuring storage chamber, and configured to be disposed in the fuel tank; and
a pair of electrodes disposed within the fuel-measuring storage chamber so as to measure capacitance.