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X-ray fluorescence analyzer
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1. An X-ray fluorescence analyzer comprising:
a sample stage having a mounting surface on which a sample is mounted;
an X-ray source configured to irradiate the sample with primary X-rays and disposed immediately above an irradiation position of the sample;
a detector configured to detect fluorescent X-rays emitted from the sample irradiated with the primary X-rays;
a shielding container configured to accommodate the sample stage, the X-ray source, and the detector and includes:
a sample chamber configured to accommodate the sample stage;
a door provided at a top of the sample chamber and configured to open and close at least a front half of the sample chamber,
wherein the X-ray source and the detector are disposed at a rear half of the sample chamber;
a hood section disposed on the shielding container at the rear half thereof and connected to the shielding container; and
a vertical moving mechanism configured to vertically move the X-ray source and the detector and move the X-ray source and the detector between a first position inside the shielding container and a second position inside the hood section.