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Enclosed X-ray imaging system
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1. A computed tomography (CT) x-ray imaging apparatus, comprising:
an x-ray source;
an x-ray detector;
a sample mount for mounting a sample in a beam path between the x-ray source and the x-ray detector;
an enclosure enclosing at least the sample mount in an interior of the enclosure; and
a climate control system for regulating the climate inside the enclosure, wherein:
the enclosure has an aperture for enabling access to at least the sample mount from outside the enclosure;
the enclosure is provided with a door operable between an open position in which the aperture is open and a closed position in which the aperture is closed by the door; and
the climate control system is operable to provide a positive pressure differential between the interior of the enclosure and an exterior of the enclosure such that the interior of the enclosure is maintained at a higher pressure than the exterior of the enclosure when the door is open.