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System and method for measuring permittivity
Tsun-Hsu Chang, Hsinchu (TW); Hsein-Wen Chao, Hsinchu (TW); and Wei-Syuan Wong, Hsinchu (TW)
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1. A system for measuring a permittivity, comprising:
a resonant chamber having a cavity;
a conductive probe passing through a chamber wall of the resonant chamber and configured to introduce a microwave into the cavity of the resonant chamber;
a platform disposed in the cavity of the resonant chamber and configured to carry a sample;
a pillar disposed between the platform and the chamber wall so that the platform protrudes from the chamber wall to enhance an electric field intensity around the sample so as to amplify a perturbation of the resonant chamber by the sample;
a detector configured to detect the resonant frequency of the microwave when resonance occurs within the cavity; and
a computing module configured to calculate a permittivity corresponding to the resonant frequency of the sample within the cavity measured by the detector based on a corresponding relationship between resonant frequency and permittivity obtained from a simulation performed by an electromagnetic field simulation software.