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System and method for optical detection using capillary action
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1. A method of detecting an analyte comprising:
collecting a sample on a sample card by wiping the sample with the sample card, said sample card containing a sample substrate, an absorbent pad and at least one test capsule containing a liquid, wherein at least one of the sample substrate, the absorbent pad and the at least one test capsule contains detection reagents;
coupling the sample card to a card carrier of a reader device;
performing a detection cycle including: releasing the liquid of the at least one test capsule, whereby the liquid dissolves the detection reagents contained in the sample card and delivers said reagents to the sample, causing a chemical reaction between the sample and the detection reagents to occur; and assessing an optical signal produced by the chemical reaction of the sample and the detection reagents in establishing a test result; and
analyzing the sample using a second device that is distinct from the reader device.