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Plasmonic electricity
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1. A system for generating electrical current, the system comprising:
a substrate positioned on the bottom of a container comprising spatially separated immobilized metallic structures positioned on the substrate, wherein the metallic structures are shaped as particles, nanostructures, island or colloids, wherein the metallic structures are positioned a distance apart from about 10 to 50 nm, wherein the metallic structures and substrate within the container are covered with an aqueous solvent to increase current flow between the metallic structures;
a set of electrically conductive electrodes communicatively contacting at least two of the metallic structures positioned thereon,
an excitable probe positioned near the metallic structures, at a distance from about 10 nm to about 30 nm, wherein excitation of the excitable probe with electromagnetic energy induces a mirror dipole in the metallic material causing plasmonic current flow for storage or directing to a current reading device.