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Oligocyclic fatigue or oligocyclic and polycyclic fatigue test rig
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1. A low-cycle, and/or high-cycle, fatigue test rig, for reproducing bearing of turbine engine parts, the test rig comprising:
a frame;
a support member which is fixed to the frame and defines at least one bearing surface; and
a traction element, wherein a test piece is connected to the traction element for loading the test piece so that the test piece bears against the at least one bearing surface, wherein the at least one bearing surface is supported by a support element which is mounted so as to rotate about a first axis on the support member, and wherein the test piece is connected to the traction element for articulation around a second axis which is perpendicular to the first axis, wherein support element comprises a locking element configured to provide selective adjustment and locking of the support element and the test piece in positions around the first and second axes.