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Sniffer leak detector with multi-stage membrane pump
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1. A sniffer leak detector comprising:
a mass spectrometer for analyzing hydrogen or helium,
a turbomolecular pump which is connected with said mass spectrometer and whose outlet is connected with a prevacuum pump, and
a sniffer probe which comprises a plurality of intake lines and is connected with an inlet of said turbomolecular pump, and
a vacuum pump comprising at least three stages whose inlet stage defines said prevacuum pump and is connected with said outlet of said turbomolecular pump via a blocked throttle,
wherein, between adjacent stages of said vacuum pump, an intermediate inlet each is provided, wherein each intermediate inlet is connected with a different intake line of said sniffer probe and at least one of the intake lines as a suction line is connected with said inlet of said turbomolecular pump for obtaining different gas flows.