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Optical fiber temperature sensor
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1. An optical fiber temperature sensor which implements a temperature monitoring function in an interphase insulating material between sandwich bus bars, wherein
the optical fiber temperature sensor is formed by housing an optical fiber cable in a housing which is formed from an ultra-thin sheet made from an insulating material having insulation quality equal to or higher than the interphase insulating material between the sandwich bus bars,
a plurality of ultra-thin columnar members, each made from the same material as the housing, are housed in a plurality of locations in the housing,
a plurality of sensor rings are each formed by unfixedly winding a portion of the optical fiber cable with a length equal to or longer than that corresponding to range resolution around the corresponding one of the ultra-thin columnar members,
the plurality of sensor rings measure temperatures in the plurality of locations, respectively,
silicone sealing is applied to housing side surfaces, and
all surfaces of the housing are hermetically sealed with a hermetic sealing member made from a silicone-based liquid insulating material.