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Temperature sensor with layered architecture
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1. A temperature sensor comprising: two branches, each branch including at least a first transistor and a second transistor connected as diodes and cascaded so that an emitter of the first transistor of a first layer of a branch is connected to a collector of the second transistor of a second layer of the same branch a current source configured to provide a current to the two branches; and an analog-to-digital convertor connected to capture a voltage between emitters of the first transistors or of the second transistors, and configured to convert said voltage to a digital temperature signal, wherein the first and the second transistor of a first branch among the two branches have a same first PN-junction area and a first and a second transistor of a second branch among the two branches have a same second PN-junction area, said second PN-junction area being different from said first PN-junction area by a predetermined factor.