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Micromechanical device for electromagnetic radiation sensing
Marek Steffanson, Mosman (AU)
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1. A micromechanical radiation sensor, comprising:
an absorber/reflector plate including:
an in-depth profile configured to enhance rigidity of the absorber/reflector plate;
a structural layer including a radiation absorbing material; and
a light reflecting layer including a light reflecting material, deposited over the structural layer;
two substantially parallel and substantially identical supporting legs attached to the absorber/reflector plate, wherein the absorber/reflector plate is connected to the supporting legs at about the middle of each side of the plate that is substantially parallel to the supporting legs, with a connection line between the two connecting points running through about the plate's center of gravity, and each of the supporting legs including:
two substantially parallel arms of substantially identical length, connected with each other at one end, and each of the arms including a bimaterial region, including the structural layer and the light reflecting layer, deposited over the structural layer, wherein the bimaterial region is of same length or of shorter length than the overall arm's length, and
a thermal isolation region comprising the structural layer and devoid of the light reflecting layer, the thermal isolation region including two thermal isolation legs each extending into a space located between the two arms, each thermal isolation leg substantially parallel to one another, each thermal isolation leg pointing toward the absorber/reflector plate, and each thermal isolation leg shorter in length than either of the two arms; and
two substantially identical anchors, each of the anchors attached substantially perpendicular to each of the supporting legs, the two anchors connecting the absorber/reflector plate through the two supporting legs to a substrate.