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Human body detecting device
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1. A human body detecting device, comprising:
a pyroelectric infrared radial (PIR) sensor configured to sense infrared radiation and then generate an electronic signal based on the sensed infrared radiation;
a thermometer configured to sense an ambient temperature and then generate a temperature value;
a microprocessor electrically connected to the thermometer;
an amplifying unit electrically connected to the PIR sensor and the microprocessor; and
a plurality of amplification adjusting units electrically connected to the microprocessor and the amplifying unit and corresponding to a plurality of temperature intervals, each amplification adjusting unit comprising:
a switch, an enable end of the switch electrically connected to the microprocessor; and
a resistor electrically connected to the signal amplifier, the switch, and the voltage-dividing resistor, wherein when a resistance of the resistor in the enabled amplification adjusting unit is decreased, an amplifier gain of the electronic signal increases,
wherein the microprocessor selects to enable one of the amplification adjusting units based on a comparison between the temperature value and the temperature intervals, whereby the electrical signal is modulated by the amplifying unit according to the enabled amplification adjusting unit.