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Apparatus and method for measuring a periodic signal
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1. A device for measuring a periodic signal comprising:
a first control unit for generating an electrical input signal of the period T;
a light source for generating an optical input signal directed to an object being measured from the electrical input signal;
an optical receiver for detecting and converting the signal reflected from the object being measured, said signal corresponding to the optical input signal altered in terms of phase and amplitude, into an electrical measurement signal; and
a plurality of measurement channels connected in parallel between the optical receiver and a second control unit, each measurement channel being connected in series to a switching element, a filter element, and an analog-to-digital converter, the second control unit being suitable for evaluating the measurement signals from the plurality of measurement channels;
the electrical measurement signal is applied to each of the plurality of measurement channels, the same frequency of the electrical measurement signal being processed in each of the plurality of measurement channels;
the first control unit is connected to the plurality of switching elements and is suitable for actuating the switching elements for different time intervals in each case; and
the analog-to-digital converters comprise a maximum sampling rate of less than 2×1/T.