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Protective device for an imager
Richard L. Tober, Westminster, MD (US); and Stephen R. McFarlane, Bethleham, PA (US)
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1. A protective device for an imager to protect against hand thrown projectiles contained in a housing, the imager being aligned with an opening in said housing, said protective device comprising:
a cover formed of metal overlying the housing opening, said cover having a plurality of circular openings formed through said cover and arranged in an array,
each of said circular openings having a diameter of less than one inch, said cover being detachably secured to the housing,
wherein an area of opening of said plurality of openings is sufficiently large to enable effective operation of the imager wherein said cover is made of a thermal and infra-red transparent material and wherein said cover has an externally threaded portion which threadably engages a threaded portion of the housing to attach said cover to the housing and further comprising at least three resilient clips secured to said cover, said clips dimensioned to frictionally engage said housing and retain said cover to said housing over said housing opening, and further comprising a standoff attached to each clip, said standoffs engaging said housing and spacing said cover away from the imager.