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1. A sensor shield in a multi-shelf merchandise display unit including a plurality of sensors mounted on a wall of the unit, in which each sensor corresponds to and is associated with a single shelf and in which the shelves are at least semi-porous to the illumination, the shield comprising:
a plate having a shape that is sufficient substantially to reduce or prevent incident illumination from a shelf above from reaching the sensor;
the plate being attachable to casing of or around the sensor or the wall of the unit and above the shelf with which the sensor is associated,
wherein the plate is opaque to the illumination detected by the sensor,
wherein the plate has a length that intersects a virtual line between the lowest point of the sensor when in situ and a point on the shelf immediately above that is furthest from the sensor to block or reduce incident or ambient light on the sensor, and
wherein the sensors are mounted on the wall of the unit opposite a source of illumination.