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Liquid surface detection device
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1. A liquid surface detection device comprising:
a holder rotating in response to displacement of a float arm, the displacement accompanying a change in a liquid surface, the holder is provided with a first rotating section and a second rotating section;
a magnet having a solid cylindrical shape affixed to the holder and rotating along with the holder, the magnet being sandwiched by the first rotating section and the second rotating section in a rotary axis direction of the magnet;
a magnetic detection element detecting a magnetic force change accompanying the rotating motion of the magnet;
a body section being provided with a first rotary support section that rotatably supports the first rotating section of the holder; and
a cover being fixed to the body section and being provided with a second rotary support section that rotatably supports the second rotating section of the holder,
wherein the magnetic detection element disposed on an axis of rotation of the magnet in the following order: the magnet, the first rotary support section, and the magnetic detection element.