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Oil level gauge device
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1. An oil level gauge device comprising:
a cylindrical tube-like guide pipe having one end provided with an opening and the other end being in communication with an oil pan; and
an oil level gauge configured to be inserted in the guide pipe,
wherein a cap comprising: a plug configured to fit on an inner peripheral surface of the guide pipe at one end portion thereof, which is an end portion on the one end side; and a flange that is integrally formed with the plug on the side opposite to the oil pan side of the plug fitted thereon and that is configured to axially abut an open end surface at the one end, is provided at a base end of the oil level gauge, and
wherein when the plug is fitted on the inner peripheral surface at the one end portion of the guide pipe and the flange is not brought into abutment with the open end surface, a ventilation passage for communicating the inside and outside of the oil pan through the opening is formed between the plug and the guide pipe,
wherein the ventilation passage is formed by a groove formed in the inner peripheral surface at the one end portion of the guide pipe and extending from a deeply inserted side of the plug to an abutment surface of the one end, the abutment surface abutting the flange,
wherein concave and convex portions configured to fit when the flange and the one end abut each other, are formed in abutment surfaces of the flange and the one end.