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Flow rate measuring apparatus
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1. A flow rate measuring apparatus that is placed in an intake passage of an internal combustion engine and measures the flow rate of intake air, comprising:
a flow rate detecting device placed in the intake passage;
a detection circuit for outputting an analog signal varying depending on the flow rate detected by the flow rate detecting device;
a conversion circuit for converting the analog signal to a digital signal;
a temperature detecting device for detecting the temperature of intake air; and
a correction circuit for performing a primary correction by giving a correction coefficient having a temperature coefficient to a temperature characteristic correction formula that is a linear function of the digital signal,
wherein the correction coefficient varies depending on the temperature coefficient that is set in any appropriate way and the temperature detected by the temperature detecting device, and
wherein a plurality of the correction coefficients are set depending on the flow rate of intake air by dividing a flow rate region of the intake air into a plurality of flow rate regions and separately setting a correction coefficient among the plurality of correction coefficients for each of the plurality of flow rate regions.