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Apparatus and method for showing map information in vehicle
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12. An apparatus for providing map information, comprising:
a data processing unit configured to receive a map and process information included in the map; an input unit configured to deliver received input to the data processing unit; and
a display unit configured to show processed information output from the data processing unit,
wherein the data processing unit is configured to:
in response to each change of at least one of (i) a specific location on a map or (ii) a range that is, based upon a specific location on the map, representable on the screen:
determine a range that is, based upon a current specific location on the map, currently representable on the screen; and
show a road included in the range that is currently representable on the screen, with a road name shown at a location corresponding to an interpolation point included in the map,
wherein, when the interpolation point for showing the road name is out of the range, the road name is shown at a location determined based on at least one of a first middle point and a second middle point which are unfixed in the map but determined based on the range on the screen.