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Measuring relative concentricity deviations in a confined space between two circumferential elements
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1. A tool for measuring relative concentricity deviations in a confined space between a turbine rotor and a turbine diaphragm, the tool comprising:
a housing;
a sensor coupled with the housing, the sensor measuring a distance from the housing to one of the turbine rotor and the turbine diaphragm;
an axial spring plunger connected to the housing;
a radial spring plunger connected to the housing and orthogonal to the axial spring plunger; and
a sliding or rolling surface on a side of the housing opposite from one of the axial spring plunger and the radial spring plunger,
wherein the housing is sized to fit in an L-shaped groove formed in the turbine diaphragm, and wherein the housing comprises an axial step section protruding axially from the housing and extends substantially to a floor of the groove such that the housing is shaped corresponding to the L-shaped groove in the turbine diaphragm.