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Recoil shock absorber for long barrel firearms
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1. A recoil shock absorber for a firearm, the recoil shock absorber comprising:
a body assembly configured to be installed in a stock of the firearm, the body assembly including:
a shock tube including an opening at a distal end;
a cylinder end rotatably coupled to the shock tube at the distal end of the shock tube, the cylinder end including a tapered protrusion configured to be adjustably aligned with the shock tube opening; and
an accumulator chamber coupled to the cylinder end, the shock tube arranged on a first side of the cylinder end and the accumulator chamber arranged on a second side of the cylinder end, opposite the first side, alignment of the shock tube opening with a part of the tapered protrusion forms a resulting orifice and pathway from the shock tube, through the cylinder end, and to the accumulator chamber;
a plunger assembly slidably coupled to the body assembly, the plunger assembly including a piston at a proximal end of the shock tube, the piston and the shock tube being in slideable relation such that when the plunger assembly is introduced into the body assembly the piston is introduced into the shock tube; and
a return spring coupled to the piston and the shock tube.