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Heat exchanger with baffle assembly
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1. A heat exchanger having
an intake header,
a discharge header,
a bundle of tubes extending in parallel with one another between the intake header and the discharge header,
an intake pipe connected to the intake header and extending transversely to the axes of the tubes of the bundle, the intake pipe having a first end opening into the header and a second end connectable to a process fluid supply pipe, and
a baffle assembly for modifying the direction and rate of flow of the process fluid through the intake header, the baffle assembly being located within the intake pipe and secured to the intake pipe at a position adjacent the second end of the intake pipe,
wherein the baffle assembly comprises
a plurality of slats lying in planes generally parallel to one another and inclined to the direction of fluid flow, and
runners connected to the ends of the slats to form a rigid structure;
wherein the baffle assembly is secured to the intake pipe for pivotal movement about an axle located near the second end of the intake pipe.