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Heat exchanger with header contact regions for tubes support
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1. A heat exchanger, comprising a block having fins and rectangular tubes, wherein the block is arranged between a first collecting tank and a second collecting tank wherein the first and second collecting tanks are each closed off by a base, wherein each base comprises
a central region extending along a length of the base,
a first and second end side arranged on end regions of the base opposite one another,
a plurality of rim holes sequentially arranged in the central region configured to receive the rectangular tubes of the block,
a channel-shaped groove encircling the base configured to mate with an edge of the first or second collecting tank,
a first and second elevation arranged centrally on the first and second end sides of the base such that each abuts a portion of the groove nearest to the first and second end side respectively, wherein the first and second elevations extend above the central region in a direction away from the collecting tank attached to the base.