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UV LED curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller
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1. An UV LED curing apparatus, comprising:
an inner casing having a light reflective inner wall enclosing an inner chamber and an outer wall; wherein the inner chamber includes at least one front opening facing toward a front side;
an outer casing detachably attached to the outer wall of the inner casing; the outer casing and the inner casing defining a space suitable for affixing an UV LED light source to the inner casing;
the UV LED light source comprising at least one UV LED module affixed to the inner casing and having a light emitting side facing toward the inner chamber thereof and
a switch controller comprising at least one button, a substrate and a photo interrupt module, the switch controller electrically connected to the UV LED light source; wherein the substrate further comprises a timer and a current regulator integrated thereon;
whereby the switch controller controls an on-off state of the UV LED light source with reference to a first input signal received from and triggered by the photo interrupt module to turn on the UV LED light source and with reference to a second input signal received from the timer and the current regulator to turn off the UV LED light source.