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Refrigerator and method of fabricating inner door thereof
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1. A refrigerator comprising:
a body;
a storage compartment formed in the body;
an inner door comprising an opening corresponding to the storage compartment, an inner plate, an outer plate in which a foaming space between the outer plate and the inner plate is formed, an accommodation groove, and a heat insulating material in the foaming space, the inner door rotatably combined with the body;
a plurality of door guards disposed in the opening;
an outer door rotatably combined with the body so as to open or close the opening;
an outer gasket attached to the outer door to create a seal between the outer door and the inner door when the outer door is closed on the inner door; and
an inner gasket attached to an installation member that is attached to the accommodation groove of the inner door to create another seal between the inner door and the body when the inner door is closed;
wherein the inner plate comprises a plurality of inner sidewalls that constitute the opening and support the plurality of door guards,
the plurality of inner sidewalls are flat from an inlet of the opening to an outlet of the opening and a distance between the plurality of inner sidewalls is uniform from the inlet of the opening to the outlet of the opening, and
the inner plate is injection-molded.