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Reversible flow electric expansion valve
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13. A method of operating a heat pump HVAC system, comprising:
providing an electronically controlled expansion valve comprising a motor, an obturator movable by the motor, a removable seat movable by the motor, a complementary portion for selectively receiving the removable seat, and
a retraction rod extending from the obturator and through at least a portion of the removable seat, the retraction rod being slidably received through a retraction hole of the removable seat, and the removable seat being captured along the retraction rod between the obturator and a seat catch of the retraction rod, wherein the removable seat is selectively removable from the complementary portion in response to operation of the motor; and
locating the obturator relative to the removable seat to selectively allow operation of the electronically controlled expansion valve in at least one of a closed state with substantially no fluid flow through the valve, a metered state with fluid flow through the valve in a first direction, and an unmetered state with fluid flow through the valve in a first direction.