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Water heater
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1. A water heater, comprising:
a burner generating combustion gas;
a heat exchanger heating water which flows through inside, through heat exchange with combustion gas generated in the burner;
a fan supplying air to the burner; and
a housing storing the burner, the heat exchanger, and the fan,
the water heater having a water entry portion in a top plate of the housing, a water supply pipe for supplying water to inside of the heat exchanger being connected to the water entry portion,
the water entry portion being arranged to be included, in a plane view, in at least one component constituting the heat exchanger and an exhaust path for combustion gas which has passed through the heat exchanger, and
the component being made of a material having corrosion resistance against drainage water resulting from condensation of combustion gas, wherein
a temperature of a part of the component, on which condensate generated in the water entry portion drops, is a temperature at which noise generation at the time of evaporation of the condensate is suppressed.