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Silo combustion chamber for a gas turbine
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1. A silo combustor arrangement for a gas turbine, comprising
a flame tube formed by an inner wall and a flame tube base and bounding a combustion space,
an outer wall that surrounds the inner wall,
a cavity defined in part by the inner wall and by the outer wall,
a conduit that is disposed outside of an external casing of a silo combustor of the silo combustor arrangement and curved to form an annular chamber in fluid communication with at least one inflow line, wherein the at least one inflow line is configured to be fluidically coupled to a hot side of a heat exchanger during operation of the gas turbine,
at least one burner which opens, on an outlet side, into the combustion space via an opening in the flame tube base and whose oxygen supply is fluidically connected to the annular chamber,
a plenum chamber that is arranged above the flame tube base, and at least one connecting part that connects the conduit to the outer wall and provides fluid communication therethrough from the annular chamber, through a side wall of the conduit, and to the plenum chamber, and
partition plates that partly define the cavity and the plenum chamber and which fluidically separate the cavity from the plenum chamber
wherein the at least one burner is fluidically connected to the plenum chamber for the purpose of oxygen supply.