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Laser for steam turbine system
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1. A system, comprising:
a turbine having turbine blades;
a nozzle configured to receive liquid water and electromagnetic radiation, wherein the electromagnetic radiation includes a plurality of laser beams, the nozzle including a portion that is internally reflective to reflect the electromagnetic radiation more than once through the liquid water, wherein the nozzle includes
a supply portion where at least one stream of liquid water is supplied, wherein the supply portion tapers to a focal section where the laser beams converge to vaporize the liquid water
a discharge portion where the liquid water is discharged from the nozzle, wherein the discharge portion has an exhaust section with a throat where the vaporized water is exhausted from the nozzle,
a vaporization chamber disposed between the focal section and the exhaust section,
an internal chamber configured to hold the portion that is internally reflective, the internal chamber disposed between the supply portion and the discharge portion, and
a converging wall section that is reflective of the laser beams, wherein the converging wall is angled between the vaporization chamber and the throat to reflect the laser beams back inside the nozzle;
an electromagnetic radiation generator configured to generate the electromagnetic radiation for the nozzle, wherein the nozzle is configured to vaporize the liquid water inside the nozzle to produce steam for powering the turbine; and
wherein the nozzle is positioned to direct the steam towards the turbine blades.
26. The system of claim 23, wherein:
the turbine includes a housing in which the liquid water is vaporized; and
the turbine blades are rotatably disposed in the housing.