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Multi-mode portable lighting device
Stacey H. West
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1. A multi-mode portable lighting device comprising:
a housing for receiving a portable power source having a positive electrode and a negative electrode;
a light source having a first electrode and a second electrode;
a main power circuit for connecting the first and second electrodes of the light source to the positive and negative electrodes of the portable power source, respectively, the main power circuit including a mechanical power switch and an electronic power switch disposed electrically in series with the light source;
a controller electrically coupled in series with the mechanical power switch so that when the mechanical power switch is opened, the controller is not powered by the portable power source, the controller including an output for providing a control signal for controlling the opening and closing of the electronic power switch, the controller being configured to control the electronic power switch in a manner to provide at least two modes of operation;
a state machine having a memory mechanism for temporarily storing a mode of operation and at least one output coupled to the controller for communicating at least one output signal to the controller, wherein said controller is configured to determine the mode of operation based on the at least one output signal from the state machine, and wherein the controller is configured to write a new mode of operation to the state machine following power up;
wherein no current from the portable power source is consumed when the mechanical power switch is opened.