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Electronic candle
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1. An electronic candle, comprising a plastic wrapper and a white wax shell (1) therein, wherein a spring (2) is arranged inside the plastic wrapper and the white wax shell (1) therein, an upright metal wire (3) is arranged at the upper end of the spring, a metal ring (4) is arranged at the lower end of the spring, the metal wire is sleeved with an included angle reflecting screen (5), a plurality of color flame projectors (6) matched with the included angle reflecting screen are arranged on the plastic shell above the spring, a supporting rod (7) with a concave point is arranged on the white wax shell below the spring, the supporting rod with the concave point transversely penetrates through the metal ring, a metal hook (19) is arranged at the lower end of the metal ring, a soft iron sheet (8) is connected to the metal hook, and a driver for driving the soft iron sheet to swing and an overall power supply for supplying power to the driver and the color flame projectors are arranged below the soft iron sheet.