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Motor vehicle light device including light guide and flat electroluminsscence diode
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1. A light device for motor vehicles, the light device comprising:
a carrying housing covered by a translucent cover and including an inner chamber where an optical system is mounted, wherein the optical system includes—
a light guide with a light guide body for guiding a light beam generated by a light source, wherein the light guide body guides the light beam out of the light guide through one or more output light surfaces of the light guide,
one or more flat electroluminescence diodes, and a reflective element for reflection of light emitted from one or more light emitting surfaces of the flat electroluminescence diode, wherein at least one of the flat electroluminescence diodes is attached to the body of the light guide,
wherein the light guide is configured to emit the light beam generated by the light source substantially in an optical axis direction of the light device, and the reflective element is adapted to reflect light generated by the flat electroluminescence diode in a direction that is substantially parallel to the direction of the optical axis.