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Work light
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1. A work light comprising:
an elongate body having a first end, a second end, an outer circumferential surface and defining a medial channel extending between the first end and the second end;
a base obstructing the medial channel, the base carrying a first electrode that electrically communicates with an electric circuit;
a cap obstructing the medial channel and spaced apart from the base and carrying a second electrode that communicates with the electric circuit;
a switch communicating with the electric circuit to open the electric circuit and to complete the electric circuit;
a power supply carried within the body medial channel and communicating with both the first electrode and the second electrode;
a clip carried by the body and extending spacedly adjacent and parallel thereto, the clip having a first surface proximate the body and a second surface opposite the body;
a light emitting diode carried on the second surface of the clip and electrically communicating with the circuit and to emit light waves when the electrical circuit is completed by operation of the switch.