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Lighting apparatus and light guide
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1. A lighting apparatus, comprising:
a light source which comprises a light emitting surface configured to emit light planarly by using a semiconductor light emitting device; and
a light guide member which extends through a centroid of the light emitting surface and is provided to be coaxial with an axis along an axial direction perpendicular to the light emitting surface, and allows the light of the light source to penetrate, wherein
the light guide member comprises:
an incident plane facing the light emitting surface,
an outer circumferential surface which is extended from an outer peripheral edge of the incident plane in the axial direction so as to surround the axis, and is configured to totally reflect the light of the light source which is made to enter the light guide member from the incident plane, and
a hollow part which is provided at a position distant from the incident plane along the axial direction and is provided inside the outer circumferential surface, wherein a circumferential surface of the hollow part extending in the axial direction is a first light diffusing surface to which the light totally reflected on the outer circumferential surface is led.