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Pipe coupling
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1. A pipe coupling comprising:
a) a cylindrical body for accepting and retaining ends of a pair of spaced apart pipe sections, the cylindrical body comprising two opposed ends, the two opposed ends each comprising an interior surface;
b) an end connector attached to each of the opposed ends of the cylindrical body, each end connector comprising an axially facing interior surface and a radially facing interior surface, the axially facing interior surface having a groove formed therein;
c) a gasket disposed within an indentation defined within the interior surface of each of the opposed ends of the cylindrical body;
d) a gasket retaining ring disposed between each end connector and the corresponding gasket, each gasket retaining ring having a shoulder disposed within the groove of the corresponding end connector; and
e) a gripper washer disposed between each gasket retaining ring and end connector, each gripper washer comprising a concentric interior periphery composed of a plurality of gripping fingers;
wherein the shoulder of each of the gasket retaining rings prevents the corresponding gripper washer from contacting the radially facing interior surface of the corresponding end connector.