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Lightweight, high flow hose assembly and method of manufacture
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1. A hose assembly, comprising:
an inner tube comprising a thermoplastic material, wherein the inner tube has a longitudinal length and a first circumference below a minimum expansion pressure, wherein the inner tube is expandable to a larger, second circumference upon application of fluid pressure on an inner surface of the inner tube at or above the minimum expansion pressure; and
an outer tube covering the inner tube, the outer tube having a longitudinal length and a weld seam along the longitudinal length of the outer tube, the weld seam comprising melted fabric, wherein the hose assembly further includes a male coupler connected to first ends of the inner tube and the outer tube and a female coupler connected to second ends of the inner tube and the outer tube, and wherein the outer tube is not connected or attached to the inner tube between the male coupler and the female coupler.