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Torpedo power cable attachment hardware
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1. A guide system for securing a torpedo pre-set power cable to move within a torpedo tube, said guide system comprising:
a keeper formable by mechanical attachment of a cover having two rectangular sections with at least two apertures therethru a longitudinal face of each section and an arch therebetween longitudinal edges of said rectangular sections, said cover attachable to a base having a rectangular section with at least two apertures therethru a longitudinal face, said base including an arch with a first end integral to a longitudinal edge of said rectangular section of said base and a T-shaped protrusion with at least two apertures therethru parallel to the apertures of said rectangular section with said protrusion extending away from and integral to a second end of said arch;
a first set fasteners for the mechanical attachment by the placement of said fasteners in the apertures of said cover and said base with interiors of said arches facing each other wherein the mechanical attachment is capable of securing the power cable therebetween said arches;
a second set of fasteners sized for attachment on a longitudinal land of the torpedo tube; and
a guide assembly having a connecting member with a rectangular plate with two end widths and including an indent on a longitudinal face with an opposite face of said plate having at least three acute angles longitudinally between the end widths with the acute angles sized to conform to a surface of the torpedo tube, two extensions with each extension extending perpendicular from the end widths and including a first set of apertures sized for said second set of fasteners to attach to the longitudinal land at an attachment section parallel to the end widths, a pivoting member sized smaller than the indent with said pivoting member including a channel on a longitudinal face opposite said attachment section with said pivoting member mounted to pivot on a cylinder extending thru said channel and thru the opposite end widths of said plate, said channel capable of accommodating said protrusion to slide within said channel;
wherein the torpedo pre-set power cable can move within the torpedo tube when said protrusion of said keeper slides within said channel with the secured power cable.